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House of Pain Logo No. 1 "My Story" Ltd Edition 1/100


House of Pain Logo No. 1 (1991-Forever)
Shiny Silver Finish with Hard Enamel
2.5" x 2.479" x 3.5mm
Limited Edition Edge Engraved 1/100

"My Story"
The concept for our first Hose of Pain logo was inspired by groups like the Beastie Boys and Boston’s Gang Green using beer logos on stage and on their band merchandise. In the late 80’s and early nineties it was strictly Mickey’s Big Mouth and 40oz bottles of beer for us. The party's at my apartment on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood are the stuff of legend and it is in that apartment in 91 that I drew this first House of Pain Mickeys mash up logo. I needed help digitizing it for our group so I took it down the block to my friend Rick Klotz owner of the Streetwear brand FreshJive to have him illustrate it in photoshop. This was the start of something big. -Danny Boy O’Connor House of Pain Founding Member (1991-Forever)