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The Outsiders "SOC'S" T-Shirt. (Cast and extras)


The Outsiders "SOC'S" T-Shirt. (Cast and extras)

This is a remake of the SOC'S T-shirts made for the "Soc" cast and extras who played a Soc character in Francis Ford Coppola's The Outsiders filmed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1982. Francis wanted to ensure that the cast built up a healthy rivalry between the greasers and the Soc's so he had them competing against one another while on and off the set so that by the time they filmed the rumble scene, they would have a genuine disdain for one another. These are a replica of those shirts with the addition of The Outsiders House Museum text added.

These are printed on soft cotton black t-shirts with a red print on the front and the back. We're only remaking a couple of dozen for now as not to bastardize the originals.

These are pre-order and will ship in late March 2021.